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Webinar: Learn about OMERO & Bio-Formats for Data Management and Integration

OMERO is a powerful platform for the data management and integration of scientific images and any associated metadata — comments, results, and documents — for life sciences and biomedical research. OMERO's interfaces let you view, manage, share, analyze and publish data. OMERO is platform agnostic and uses Bio-Formats, the world's most popular scientific image translation software, to access and integrate image data. This gives you the power to combine images from any modern imaging modality — light and electron microscopy, digital pathology, high-content screening — in a single system.

OMERO lets you access your data from a remote OMERO server and view it from anywhere. Then, analyze it with your favorite analysis tools in one simple framework

Agenda, Tuesday December 8, 2015:

  • An Introduction to OMERO & Bio-Formats
  • A deeper dive into the technical details of the platforms
  • Demonstration of the software and some case studies illustrating how to manage, visualise, share and analyse your images and image data.

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