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Creating New Projects in Partek Flow

It is very important to note that there are two primary locations for storing your project files and sample data - a private folder, and a temporary public folder. Please take note of where you want to store your files.

Creating a new Project

From the main screen in Partek Flow, select the "New project" option in green. When prompted, provide a name for your project and click "Create project".

Create a New Project
Create a New Project

Adding Data to Your Project

In order to start using Flow, you will need to populate your project with data. After creating the project you will be presented with the project details screen. Select the Data tab to begin loading data.

Add Data
Add Data

Click on "Add samples", and then "Automatically create samples from files".

Add Data
Add Data

You will be presented with an option to select files/data that you have previously loaded into Partek Flow or to upload a file from your local computer. Where you import your files from and/or where you upload your files to will determine the directory that your project resides in.

Uploading Sample Data

Select the "My Computer" radio button to be presented with a file upload option.

Next to "select file" click "browse" to choose the file you wish to upload.

Next, under Upload directory, click Browse to set where you want the data to live.

Location for Private Sample Data

Every partek user has a private user home directory under /home/flow/DataDir/userhome/yourusername. Upload data here to make it private.

Location for Shared/Temporary Sample Data

By default, Partek flow creates your project under /home/flow/DataDir/ProjectTemp/yourproject . You can choose to upload your sample data here as well. However, files put here are viewing by other users of the Partek Flow system.

Once you've determined which files you are uploading and what folder you are uploading to, click "create sample" to upload. You may repeat this process to upload as many sample files as you wish.